PLATO Learning Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the PLATO Learning Login:



Gaining access to the PLATO Learning Login page:

1. Open this link in your address bar by clicking on it as it's provided here:

2. Enter your account login in into the first field that is provided.

3. Next, enter the PLATO name that has been issued to you in the field provided for it.

4. Enter your password in the third field provided requiring you to enter the password.

5. Click the login button in order to gain access into your account.





If there were any problems accessing your account via the PLATO Learning Login, read the next section below.

If you have forgotten either your account login or PLATO name for your PLATO Learning Login, read the notation below:

NOTE: At this time there are no methods online for recovering those items. If this situation is regarding to you, refer to the contacts section of this article to find the appropriate method of contact.

If you have forgotten your password for your PLATO Learning Login, review and follow these steps:

1. On the right of the login button there are some highlighted text asking if you have forgot your password. Click that text in order to proceed.

2. Enter your account login in the first field that is provided.

3. Enter your PLATO name in the following field.

4. Click the "continue button". This will provide you with specific instructions for your account only to be able to reset your password.

5. After you have reset your password, return to the video mentioned earlier as well as step one in the login process.




Here are the contact details we have in regards to helping with your PLATO Learning Login needs.

Sales & Services 
U.S. and Canada: 1-800-44-PLATO (1-800-447-5286)

Technical Support
U.S. and Canada: 1-800-869-2200

Depending on your situation, either you are already inside of your accounts or on your way to speaking with someone to resolve any additional issues. Either way, we take great pride in providing the information regarding the PLATO Learning Login for you. Please be sure to bookmark us and refer back as we keep this information current and up to date for all of your needs.